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Use of Personalities

Dec 18, 2007 at 3:38 PM
I thought that I would post about this here to get the conversation started.
One of the things that I find useful when working on a project is to have an idea of the sort of users we might be targeting. The following is from the start of the "Doppler Users.docx" file I checked in today.

To help drive the production of user stories, aid in applying priorities and to ensure that features are not added for features sake, a set of user personalities can be used.
Each personality will represent a segment of expected users, each with their own set of requirements and usage scenarios.
The initial list of personalities contains a large amount of overlap in usage scenarios. This is intended to ensure that as many scenarios are considered and that some are consciously ignored.

I have listed a few personalities in the file and wanted some feedback. Also due to the nature of the application it might be a pointless exercise.

What does everyone think?