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Jan 22, 2008 at 2:46 AM
Have a couple of questions about Doppler:

a) Is it possible to save different podcasts to different file folders? How do I go about it?

b) Can Doppler re-name a podcast to a different file name?

I need to retrieve a couple of podcasts on a weekly basis and place them in our radio automation. So, different podcasts need to go in different folders. If Doppler could re-name them would be great since the automation always looks for the same file. In other words, 1-21-07.mp3 becomes show.mp3. That way, the automation would look always for show.mp3 and therefor plays the latest file.

Thank you for your help.

Access America
Jan 26, 2008 at 8:03 PM
A) Every file from the same feed will go into the same folder, but each feed has its own folder. By default this is based on the feed name but in the properties of the feed you can change it to point to a different directory. You can't download into different folders for the same feed.

B) The only file renaming feature is to rename the file the same as the title of the post.

Another option is to use the space savers feature to only keep the most recent file in the download directory... However there is a bug with this that I just fixed and I'm not sure yet when we'll be releasing a new version that includes the fix...