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Areas in Doppler that need attention

Oct 8, 2007 at 10:51 PM
The current source is not mature. By far. It needs heavy restructuring. Doppler 1 and 2 where build in my early days of .NET coding experience. Doppler 3 is still heavily based on the Doppler 2 source code. I wouldn't mind a total rewrite, but that would mean a lot of work.

Some areas that need attention in my opinion:

  • MP3 Tag rewriting needs a look at. It fails too often.
  • iTunes support needs more look into it, especially on how to clean up MP3's (how much people use Doppler in combination with iTunes anyway?)
  • Windows Media Player support needs more look into it. Clean-up is a an area again, alike iTunes
  • Options The options dialog box could need a restructuring
  • Language support the more languages, the better*
  • There is a very annoying bug that causes Doppler to complain about the position of a slider after start up.
  • A lot of stuff (way too much) happens in MainForm.cs. This needs to be changed.