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Proxy configuration ?

Aug 21, 2008 at 3:54 PM
Hi everyone,

I've installed doppler yesterday, and have been playing with for a while. Here in my office, the internet connection is provided through a proxy server, and I couldn't find any 'Proxy Settings' configuration in doppler options window.

My guess was that no proxy functionality have been included on doppler, so I downloaded the source code in order to add it. However, looking into the code I've found that in both application configuration file (app.config, section  <Doppler.Properties.Settings>, <setting name="ProxyServer">) and in several other .cs files, doppler seems to be proxy-enabled. So, my main question is: am I missing something? Is there an option on the UI to specify these parameters which I haven't found?

Besides that, I'm willing to help the project in a close future, so I'll start reading some of the documentation and participate on the discussions here.

Thanks for your help,
Sep 5, 2008 at 10:56 PM
Interesting, I hadn't noticed this in the code yet...

It does appear as though the Retriever class uses these settings, so even though there is no UI exposed for managing these settings, you could update the app.config or user.config settings (for me that is in Local Settings\Application Data\DopplerRadio.NET\Doppler.exe_Url_ylztgkzahfkx135vyrdt1djuiio4kyhf\ manually.

Relevant settings are:

UseProxy -- true to use any proxy server
UseIEProxy -- use what is configured in Internet Explorer; requires UseProxy == true

Otherwise, set ProxyServer and ProxyPort.

If your proxy requries authentication, you also need ProxyAuthentication==true plus specify ProxyUsername and ProxyPassword.